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Nelton at Nor-Fishing 2016

Nor-Fishing has been a very important meeting place for all the members of the fisheries industry since 1960. As one of the largest fisheries exhibitions in the world, it has in recent years drawn around 15 000 visitors from about 50 countries, who have presented many innovations of significance to all sectors of the industry. NELTON has chosen this trade show because its long-term experience in the maritime industry has broadened its horizons and enabled creation of new and innovative solutions for this sector as well. Therefore, this particular initiative seems to constitute a perfect opportunity for proving NELTON’s flexibility and comprehensiveness in industry operations. Interestingly, this time the company will be sharing... read full article


Elec3city - NELTON's innovative concept

Recently, Nelton has had an opportunity to take part in number of interesting and challenging projects. One of them has been a preparation of a concept of Elec3city – electric car-passenger ferry. According to initial assumptions, the vessel would operate on 22 kilometer route between Gdansk and Hel – Polish cities by the sea known for huge touristic attractiveness. It would have a capacity of around 80 cars, 200 passengers, and a bike parking for cyclists. Most importantly, however, Elec3city would be environmentally-friendly thanks to fully electric propulsion supported by photovoltaic panels installed on the upper deck. With such propulsion, the ship would be able to operate at the speed of about 14-16 knots, which means tha... read full article


NELTON at Baltic FORAN Day 2016

On April 28th 2016, Nelton Company will be one of the participants of the Baltic FORAN Day organized in Gdansk, Poland by the SENER engineering and technology group. The one day event aims at sharing experiences between users of the FORAN CAD/CAM System from Baltic Region countries, like Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, and Estonia, and it will entail a number of presentations given by Polish design companies. Leaping at the opportunity, Nelton’s representatives will be talking about firm’s experience and practice with FORAN System. The Baltic FORAN Day is an open and free event, so do not hestitate to join us at the following address: the Hilton Gdansk Hotel, Targ Rybny 1, 80-838 Gdansk, Poland. read full article


What makes us unique


This term is synonymous with “natural excellence.” It is both universally and absolute recognizable, a mark of uncompromising standards and high achievement. Nevertheless, proponents of this view claim that quality cannot be defined precisely. Rather, it is a simple unanalyzable value that we learn to recognize only through experience. Nelton through professionalism, reliability and continuous development successfully realizes strategy to be associated with these notions.


For 17 years of Nelton’s existence, the company has been constantly focused on designing ships and floating objects in close contact with its clients. As a result, many successful projects have been handled by dozens of Nelton’s competent engineers.

The company has also been putting a great emphasis on developing skills and qualifications of its fresh graduate employees, which from a time perspective results in creating a strong team of effective senior engineers.


Proper attitude toward our clients, especially careful listening to their needs leads us to creating proper solutions which helps to achieve common goals. Through elastic responding to technology ‘s development and continuous changes of market’s demands we try to provide the best engineering assistance.