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Nelton is pleased to announce that we will join the great icefish Expo in Reykjavik Iceland in June 2022, and look forward meet our existing partners, new customers, designers, and suppliers.  We invite you to our stand to present our new products and idea. With a reference list more than 300 vessel project, and a team of 70 experienced designers and naval architect with more than 1000 year of Marine we are ready to discuss your retrofit, conversion and or be you design partner work to transfer you vision into a great concept for the future.   Looking forward to seeing you in Iceland. read full article


Nelton secured a new contract for the Designs of Inspection Vessel.

As a result of the contract signed between the “Glowny Inspektorat Rybolowstwa Morskiego" ( Main Sea Fisheries Inspectorate ) in Słupsk and the contractor, Euro-Industry Sp. z .o.o. (Ustka shipyard) for the delivery of two inspection and control vessels, Nelton received an order for the development design documentation. The Vessel will be used for control and patrol operations, surveillance services, escorting fishing vessels to the nearest port and conducting search and supporting rescue operations. The project will contribute to strengthening the sea fisheries protection system and increasing the inspection and control capacity in the waters of the Baltic Sea in the port areas: Kołobrzeg, Ustka and Darłowo. A single-hull 25,7 m long... read full article


NELTON an exhibitor at DanFish 2021. See you!

  Taking advantage of the opportunity to participate in DanFish International 2021, Nelton invites its guests to meet in person and refresh relationships. Thanks to many meetings with partners we are able to establish new business contacts as well as have occasion for discussion, listening to the customers’ needs and look for new solutions. Each fair gives the possibility to keep up with the latest trends. Moreover, it gives the chance to discuss new challenges, share achievements and new ideas.   Meet us at stand H946, DanFish International Exhibition 2021. read full article


What makes us unique


This term is synonymous with “natural excellence.” It is both universally and absolute recognizable, a mark of uncompromising standards and high achievement. Nevertheless, proponents of this view claim that quality cannot be defined precisely. Rather, it is a simple unanalyzable value that we learn to recognize only through experience. Nelton through professionalism, reliability and continuous development successfully realizes strategy to be associated with these notions.


For 23 years of Nelton’s existence, the company has been constantly focused on designing ships and floating objects in close contact with its clients. As a result, many successful projects have been handled by dozens of Nelton’s competent engineers.

The company has also been putting a great emphasis on developing skills and qualifications of its fresh graduate employees, which from a time perspective results in creating a strong team of effective senior engineers.


Proper attitude toward our clients, especially careful listening to their needs leads us to creating proper solutions which helps to achieve common goals. Through elastic responding to technology ‘s development and continuous changes of market’s demands we try to provide the best engineering assistance.