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Nelton involved in adapting the fleet to new environmental requirements

The International Marine Organization (IMO) introduces a new law on reducing Sulphur oxides (SOx) emission. New regulations will come into force from 1.01.2020, assuming a significant reduction in the sulfur content in marine fuels. Starting from this date, the limit sulfur content in the fuel will be 0.5% m /m - compared to the currently valid limit of 3.5% m /m. Adjustment to new requirements will demand application by ship-owners to use compliant low-sulfur fuels as: liquefied natural gas (LNG), biofuels, methanol or ensuring that emissions will be cleaned by using an exhaust gas scrubber.Designing a fully electric, battery powered, eco-friendly and green energy ships and ferries, Nelton shows that its approach to environment protec... read full article


Nelton secures next “low emission” Ferry project.

          Nelton and Danish shipyard Hvide Sande worked together to develop the design for energy efficient vessel. The car-passenger ferry for Danish shipowner AeroXpressen, will be working on shallow Danish waters, which was really a big challenge in designing. The ship is approximately 50m in length and 12.5m in width. The ferry will be operating the route between Marstal and Rudkobing in Denmark          The ship will be driven by two electric motors powered by a set of batteries and two generators. In the area of ports should use electric drive, thus contributing to the reduction of emissions. It is estimated that 25 percent of operations should be in acco... read full article


Modular Shuttle Ferry – ready to sail soon

Approximately a year ago Nelton started a project of modular catamaran for a Swiss customer. The shape of aluminum vessel looks very modern and atypical. Two narrow hulls with hidden machinery & equipment support superstructure covered with immense area of glass windows. Major part of a ship will be bolt connected, which helps to ensure easy transportation. The hull sections were pre-fabricated in Poland. They arrived on the beginning of October 2017 in the Swiss shipyard and the keel-laying celebration took place. Currently all fabricated parts are being connected in Luzerne and the ship is being equipped. The handover to the owner SGV Express AG is planned at the end of April 2018, just in time for the new summertime schedule so th... read full article


What makes us unique


This term is synonymous with “natural excellence.” It is both universally and absolute recognizable, a mark of uncompromising standards and high achievement. Nevertheless, proponents of this view claim that quality cannot be defined precisely. Rather, it is a simple unanalyzable value that we learn to recognize only through experience. Nelton through professionalism, reliability and continuous development successfully realizes strategy to be associated with these notions.


For 20 years of Nelton’s existence, the company has been constantly focused on designing ships and floating objects in close contact with its clients. As a result, many successful projects have been handled by dozens of Nelton’s competent engineers.

The company has also been putting a great emphasis on developing skills and qualifications of its fresh graduate employees, which from a time perspective results in creating a strong team of effective senior engineers.


Proper attitude toward our clients, especially careful listening to their needs leads us to creating proper solutions which helps to achieve common goals. Through elastic responding to technology ‘s development and continuous changes of market’s demands we try to provide the best engineering assistance.