Direction: Green Innovation - Low (Zero) Emission Feeder!

The ever-increasing environmental requirements and expansion of the ECA (Emission Control Area) zones pose many challenges for european naval architects & designers. Luckly, challenges are our drive. As a result of granting EU funds for expansion through innovation & in cooperation with the Pomeranian Development Agency Co. we have set up a team of creative engineers whose task is not only to chase the changing environmental standards, but overtaking them.

Power Banks & Diversity

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Low (Zero) Emission Feeder - the latest Nelton’s creation is a medium-sized container ship whose purpouse is to transport goods on short routes between ports in the Baltic and North Sea basins. Armed with developed study of European shipping routes, we conducted optimization which resulted in the concept: Tri-Brid, i.e. powered by three different energy sources container ship - a recipe for ECA and significant step towards cleaner, quiet & eco-friendly port cities of Europe.
Built-in batteries with a substantial capacity will be placed above engine room. More energy banks necessary to perform designated tasks in the emission - free mode will come from exchangeable battery containers. Both banks combined are about providing essential power on a scale never seen in shipping industry. As Baltic and North Sea are wind-rich regions aft of the ship will be equiped with two VAWTs whose task is - coupled with multiple GenSets to charge the batteries on cruises & at the quay. As long as power prices change dynamically during our lifetimes beeing able to choose is more important than ever. Our Tri-Brid enables that. As an Owner you can either run on pure electricy, diesel or mix it up to adapt to your needs, regulations & current situation on the energy market.

Big goals require big players

Implementing innovations is always a demanding task. Shipbuilding is definitely no exception. Nelton carries out the project in cooperation with:
• Scientific community of one of the leading Polish research Universities - Gdańsk University of Technology
• Leader on the global market of battery implementation in the shipbuilding industry - Corvus Energy and their partners
• Manufacturer of modern & efficient marine propulsion systems and engines – Man Energy Solutions
• Research institution in which model tests will be perfomed - aiming maximization of cargo carrying capacity while minimizing hydrodynamic drag.

Keep an eye out as more news from Nelton Design are about to come.
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