Neltons New Generation of Cargo Vessels

Facing new world reality set light on maritime environment from completely new perspective. Years ago Naval Architects and Ship Designers were chasing engineering optimizations, increasing the efficiencies, cutting CAPEX and OPEX costs. Today the industry also need to include green factor into the quotation. Decarbonization, NOx, SOx reductions along with greenhouse gases limitation is exactly what drives passenger and merchant shipping into greener future. Design offices around the globe are trying to respond in the respective specialization areas. Nelton is surfing on a top of that wave, feeling a fresh breeze pumped into the industry.

Wave of change

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As a result three outstanding projects in particular are worth to mention:
1) KB-009 Diesel Electric Eco Feeder with zero emission mode.
same vessel is also available in different propulsion configuration – eg. LNG.
2) NT-155 Methanol ready General Cargo Coaster
as an option non movable wheelhouse is available extending accommodation spaces.
3) NT-162 Multi-purpose Dry Cargo Inland Vessel with Methanol-Electric drive connected to fuel cell system and battery pack.
vessel is also available with more conventional propulsion still meeting STAGE V requirements.

Make the difference

Low resistance hull lines, fine-tuned for superb maneuver characteristics and sea keeping performance combined with lightweight-DWT optimized hull structure along with maximized efficiency propulsion system is a core value of Nelton Design Philosophy.
Our projects
Multi-Purpose Dry Cargo Inland Ship
Low Emission Feeder