Shio hull scantling

The Finite Element Method for simulates reality.

Finite element analysis (FEA) is the calculations method, models and simulations to predict and understand how an object might work under various conditions. Use FEA lets reduce the number of physical prototypes and experiments and optimize object in their design phase to develop better quality products and saving on expenses.

What we do?

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We use this method at many stages of the design process. During conceptual work, verifying non-standard solutions, at the stage of quality control of our projects in order to verify our solutions and to provide a report to the classification institution, allowing the approval of the completed project. Nelton provides services and consulting in FEA modeling in the folowing range:

- Hull girder strength calculations
- Hull local scantling calculations
- Finite element analysis (global, partial and local)
- Buckling analyses
- Fatigue analyses
- Special requirements (case by case)
Special cases of strength calculations

What software we use?

Modern simulation software helps our engineers find stress concentration areas, weak spots, analyze areas of tension and find optimal solution, etc. The choice of appropriate software for FE calculations depends on what calculations we perform and what the purpose of the calculations. Information technologies create enormous opportunities.
The Nelton team is experienced in using many tools, but our main ones include the following:

- ANSYS Workbench
- Sesam GeniE
- Nauticus Hull
- 3D Beam
Our projects
340GT Stern Trawler