Cable Storage Barge - NELTON's challenge

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Nelton, as the seeker of challenges, tries to take part in many undertakings that might give the company a possibility to expand and grow. One example of such challenge is the construction of 150kV underwater power cable interconnection network that Cable Protector and Storage Barge were responsible for. These two vessels are able to carry out complex marine installations, for instance a construction of power cable interconnection networks. The Protector, specifically, gives the possibility to ascertain the depth of penetration into the seabed thanks to built-in Injector; to trench the rocks using Rocksaw setup; to load and transfer the cables; or to carry out cable laying operation. Most importantly, it is able to lay and at the same time bury the cable with lowest possible impact and minimal disturbance to the seabed. Moreover, the injection setting technique used in installation might help to liquefy the sediments in order to assist with the burial at the desired depth.

This project gave the Nelton engineers the possibility to modernize the existing barge into Cable Storage Barge. Specifically, they designed Cable Towers, SPUD Towers, Winches, Injector and Loader Arm. The unwonted requirements and professional technology applied contributed to the fact that the project was really demanding. This is the main reason why its completion brought Nelton’s engineers a sense of fulfillment.