Nelton's new project by the Lake Lucerne

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Nelton takes part in a project embellishing surroundings of the Lake Lucerne again! In 2014, the engineers executed the Seerose project (, while recently Nelton has begun designing two 11,58 metres long carriages as a partner of Shiptec AG.

The carriages will have a capacity of 55 passengers (with 24 seats) and a weight of 10,5 tonnes. Their appearance will not change much – the idea is to retain the individual character so that they are close to the original versions. This is why, the distinctive red colour as well as the beautiful classy elements will be preserved. The technical equipment used, however, will be of the newest technology to ensure safety and comfort of the visitors.

The construction of the carriages will begin in November 2016 at the Lucerne shipyard, while their commissioning is planned to take place at the end of July 2017.