NELTON designs a new modern Autoliner

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Nelton has signed a new contract for delivering workshop documentation set for a fishing vessel. The scope of work includes hull, superstructure as well as piping outfitting. The ship’s main dimensions are length 53,1 m and breadth 12,8 m. It will have single propeller propulsion with additional retractable azimuth thruster which can be used as an emergency drive.

The new vessel will be using one of the most advanced fishing method – Autolining. The system allows the possibility to release 65 000 fishing hooks with baits in a short period of time. The  moonpool  located in a midship part gives possibility to harvest fish onboard under the hull and it is connected with the processing plant which allows to unhook and fillet fish automatically. Afterwards fillets can be stored in boxes under the main deck at the temperature -30°C.

ST – 155 has also innovative energy management system. It’s consumption is quite big due to necessity to provide power for processing plant, cooling for V=760m3 cargo hold and accommodation for 20 men crew. That is why recuperation systems and advanced automatics are used to decrease significantly use of electricity.


The ship will be built partly in Nauta shipyard and later equipped in Norwegian shipyard Vaagland Båtbyggeri AS.