GSM Design Group - NELTON's roots

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The GSM-DG engineering group has been established in 1999 by graduates of the Technical University of Szczecin and the Technical University of Gdańsk in Poland. From the very first day of company’s existence it has been supporting shipyards as well as designing various ships and floating objects. In course of time the Design Group expanded from Poland into other countries, namely into Germany and Norway, and operated on diversified markets.

As time passed by, GSM’s engineers strived to broaden their horizons by executing more and more demanding projects. Every innovative and original idea was seen as an opportunity to obtain experience and knowledge. In the fifteen years that company has been realizing its potential, it has been also working on gaining the reputation of a professional group in the field of the shipbuilding industry that is able to adjust to any terms and conditions. With strong foundations made of engineer’s flexibility, work organization, complete commitment and internal partnership, company was ready for further development. Therefore, as the world has been changing in rapid pace, the GSM-DG realised that it is high time they changed, or rather progressed too.

Thus, Nelton is now perceived as a company still continuing the delivery of high-level professional services conducted by GSM-DG, but at the same time it is believed to bring a breath of fresh air, leading the group to a successful and safe environment.
The management of Nelton, as well as its team of 60 shipbuilding designers and engineers, strongly believes that this change will act as an incentive to the development of skills and knowledge of company’s engineers. Whatever happens, Nelton will never stop going forward.