New project! Next zero emission ferry for Nelton.

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Nelton is proud to inform, that it has signed a contract with Fjellstrand shipyard for designing a fully electric, battery powered ferry of the ZeroCat type.

The ferry will operate the route between Halhjem and Våge in Hordaland Norway. The distance between is approximately 12 kilometers

The vessel is a bigger and further developed version of the “Ampere” – also designed by Nelton, which in 2015 made history being the world’s first car ferry to be driven only by batteries. The new vessel will be equipped for both higher speed and longer range. In addition to the battery systems, bio-diesel generators will be installed as back up when charging is not available.

“Ampere” has been in operation for two years and has sailed a distance equivalent to 4 times around the Equator, giving valuable experiences to the further evolution of zero emission technology for ferries and ships.

The fully electric ferry will have a length of 87,5 meters and a beam of 20,8 meters and will carry 120 cars, 12 trucks and a passenger area to accommodate 296 passengers. In order to optimize for lowest possible energy consumption the vessel will be built in aluminum with a catamaran hull.

Zero emission and low energy consumption are key elements for future, we hope this will be another step proving that this way of development is correct.


The delivery is planned at the end of 2018.