Nelton secures next “low emission” Ferry project.

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          Nelton and Danish shipyard Hvide Sande worked together to develop the design for energy efficient vessel. The car-passenger ferry for Danish shipowner AeroXpressen, will be working on shallow Danish waters, which was really a big challenge in designing. The ship is approximately 50m in length and 12.5m in width. The ferry will be operating the route between Marstal and Rudkobing in Denmark

          The ship will be driven by two electric motors powered by a set of batteries and two generators. In the area of ports should use electric drive, thus contributing to the reduction of emissions. It is estimated that 25 percent of operations should be in accordance with the zero-emission standard.

          In the summer time the ferry will be operating to tourist traffic with the possibility of boarding 196 passengers and 32 cars, using the passenger’s deck to make traveling more attractive with beautiful views. In winter, amount of people will be decreased to 98 and 32 cars.

          Current time shows us how eco – friendly ideas are valuable. Everyone knows, that huge expenses are invested to reduce fuel consumption. Consequently, innovative technologies, despite of higher costs, are implemented to protect the environment.

          Delivery of the new vessel is scheduled from Hvide Sande in Denmark in the fourth quarter of 2019