SeeRose - an architectural piece of art

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The year 2015 in the Central Switzerland denotes huge celebration of 200 years of tourism in that region, namely „Gästival”. The heart of the Jubilee Year will be the SeeRose- a floating platform in the form of water lily.

This architectual work of art will act not only as a meeting place for guests, hosts, artists etc., but most importantly, it will also be a stage for concerts, theater performances and many other events of all sizes. Therefore, as a multi-puropse structure, it will be 12.4 meters tall, its diameter will be equal to 48 meters, and it will accommodate up to 700 people (max. 465 people in the audience plus other participants and staff).

Another interesting fact might be that SeeRose’s petals will be designed so as to fold, ensuring weather protection against wind and rain. The outer petals, however, will serve as a platform for those guestes who will come from all around the world visiting the Central Switzerland. Unconventionality of the water lily also lays in the fact that its design will allow for its docking at various landing sites, namely in Lucerne, Uri, Schwyz,  Obwalden and Nidwalden.

Having been designed using the ideas of Lucerne University’s students and the knowledge of Nelton’s engineers, the water lily was described by its initiators as „neither a building nor a a ship, but a sculpture”. Therefore, as for a genuine sculpture, its building will not be cheap: SeeRose’s construction is estimated to cost 1.6 million francs. Another 1.6 million francs will be provided for its operation.

The water lily platform is the perfect example of those projects that enable its designers as well as its engineers to develop and to derive great pleasure from everyday work. Due to its great dimensions, technological limits and the purpose of use, the SeeRose project poses a big challenge for its creators. All these requirements and expectations forced them to make use of many original and unconventional structural solutions. Nelton company is proud that it could take part in such fantastic and innovative undertaking.