Semi-Autonomous Coaster almost ready to model test

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Semi-autonomous innovative vessel research and development project is being designed by Nelton in partnership with Szczecin Shipyard, JPP Marine, Maritime University of Szczecin and CTO research facility.
Presently the vessel model is is during preparing to the complete model tests in CTO research facility in Gdańsk, including CFD, bare hull resistance, propulsion test and trim optimization. In next stage seakeeping properties/characteristics will be tested allowing hull shape optimization. Finally, it is planned to run aerodynamic tests for overbody and underbody of the vessel as well as to carry out RANS predictions of manoeuvring capabilities.

According to the project schedule, the first stage of model research will start in the next two weeks.

The prototype of the vessel will be made at Szczecin Shipyard as part of the research and development project "SAC (Semi-Autonomous Coaster) - development, construction and verification in real conditions of a prototype of a semi-autonomous sea freight cargo ship", co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development from the SG OP, project number: POIR.01.01.01-00-0478 / 18.